The "Whistleblow" indicator module is one of our latest developments. It is completely integrated into the Compliance Application Frame (CAF), but can also be used as a stand-alone module with the extensive functions of the Compliance Application Frame.

Through the use of confidential, internal information, risks and damages can be averted, quickly and effectively by your company at an early stage.

In addition to the elucidation of legal and regulatory violations, this module is particularly suited to prevention. The use of "Whistleblow" increases the detection probability of unsafe activities in your company and thus considerably reduces your risk of damage.

Give the responsible, loyal employees of your company the opportunity to fight against corruption and crime. They are the ones who identify with your company and think about its future.

You can use the CAF module "Whistleblow" in central or decentralized organizational structures.

The incoming notes lead to a defined processing and testing process in the "whistleblow" module, which is documented at each process step. A file is opened for each hint, which records each processing step and ensures a transparent approach. Of course, these attachments can be included in all popular formats. The electronic documentation supports the users through powerful text, sorting, search and report functions.

Tasks and examinations that result from the hints can be assigned to persons and response times, deadlines and resubmission dates are monitored in the system.

Risk management is, of course, also integrated in this module. Thus, an indication can be classified into categories as well as a risk class. This can be adjusted up or down during the process. From the risk classification, predefined processing and due diligence requirements can be derived, which the module then indicates accordingly.

As in the other CAF modules, extensive email functions are also available in the "Whistleblow" module. In addition to the notification by means of an e-mail to a predefined group of persons via the receipt of a note, these functions are also available within the scope of administration.

Extensive statistical functions are also supported by users in this module during reporting.

"Whistleblow" helps you to process incoming information discreetly, quickly and with the necessary care and precision.

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