Technology transfer

The term "technology transfer" refers to the exchange of innovative technologies between universities and research institutes and non-university institutions. We see ourselves as an active interface between research and business. In this environment, we support companies in the transfer of innovations into their own business contexts. Our background and focus is information and telecommunication technology.


DASY, your service provider for technology transfer!


Software development

Our strengths lie in the new development of individual software as well as in the optimal adaptation of existing applications.


Special requirements require special solutions. Our specially designed and programmed solutions provide you with maximum efficiency combined with exceptional flexibility.


Our approach guarantees you solutions with respect to time and cost. We support you with experienced experts, system architects, application developers and database specialists. All project managers and developers are university graduates and have a long-term experience. All employees have an excellent knowledge of the content and processes associated with IT know-how.


We have core competences in the following programming languages:


  • C++ / C#
  • Java / Javascript
  • PL/SQL
  • Oracle Database systems


Our experience in developing customer-specific software ranges from applications in machine control / automation to interbank payments. Interface adaptions, conversion programs or even complete individual ERP and CRM systems have already been successfully developed in customer orders.

Financial services & risk management

The flood of laws requires a rapid adaptation to changing conditions.

Our core competences include the conceptualisation, implementation and commissioning of internet / intranet-capable database applications in the area of money laundering and compliance. We will be happy to advise you on all technical and technical questions. We also offer you complete standard or individual solutions, which we integrate into your IT environment. We provide you with the right to enforce your company's operating records / staff principles and to comply with legal requirements in the area of money laundering and compliance:


  • Consulting in all questions concerning money laundering and compliance
  • Realization of interfaces to existing systems
  • Transfer / migration of existing databases / data stocks
  • Cost-effective solutions for international problems
  • Unbeatable time and cost!


We are your contact in the fast, reliable development, solution and implementation of difficult tasks! Our teams keep the agreed time and cost frame.


We develop individual software integrations for you to ensure a continuous flow of data between different applications. This reduces error sources, which can arise, for example, by manual input of data. Our software integration successfully lowers your (hidden) process costs.


If there are many different applications in your company that access their "own" isolated data sets, the software integration with the help of appropriate interface and conversion software allows for an automated data flow which avoids the time-consuming and error-prone duplication of the affected data stocks.


Strategy & business transformation

Your company must face the challenge of continually improving global competitiveness, customer orientation and the strength of innovation. This is the only way to meet the growing competition and the growing dynamism.


Information technologies are the driver for organizational or process-related changes. In addition to the IT processes and systems, the cultural integration of the processes is a key success factor here.


The technology and strategy consulting of DASY GmbH supports our customers


  • in the investment in information technology and its selection (Technology & Innovation), which is geared towards its strategic corporate objectives,
  • in the exploitation of existing optimization potentials through efficient process management (Business Process Management) and
  • in holistic conception, planning and implementation, but also in the management and controlling of organizational change (business change management).


We analyze your business processes and develop future strategies, processes and structures together with you. Through effective use of information technology, entrepreneurial problems are solved in a performance-oriented, forward-looking and cost-effective manner.



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