Insider Compliance

The importance of compliance is growing all over the world, ie compliance with due diligence, rules and laws. In the future, investor protection has been and will be of great importance. The avoidance of insider trading, money laundering, fraud, conflicts of interest and other regulatory violations of all kinds is already one of the routine tasks of all banks, insurance companies and financial service providers.


DASY Compliance Application Frame (CAF) supports it in an efficient, risk-oriented and powerful way.


The provisions of the 3rd EU Money Laundering Directive are proof that legislators are judging the scenarios of money laundering, fraud or abusive behavior much more severely than in the past.


The Compliance Application Frame meets all the requirements of a financial institution in the area of compliance. The modular structure offers the possibility to combine the different compliance functions and to use them in a uniform interface.


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  • CCB Compliance Control Board
  • Confidential Watchlist, Directors Dealing, Mandatslist, Insiderlist
  • Conflict of Interest,
  • Check for Completeness
  • Embargo
  • Forensic Fraud Detection
  • International Position Management,
  • Online Pre-Approval,
  • Other Bank Transactions
  • Orders und Transactions Monitoring
  • Research
  • Reports and Statitics
  • Workflow Functions (Archive, Documentation, Email Manager, PCM, Riskmanagement, Languages, Scheduler etc.)


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