Workflow functions

A mastering concept of the compliance application frame is to provide the user with all the information necessary for the examination and assessment of a situation on the screen. The Compliance Application Frame therefore combines all master, transaction, and additional information through a very sophisticated screen concept for the user. The bitemporal database engine consistently prepares the data for the user. If the user has to assess a securities transaction with trading date 30.06.2016, the Compliance Application Frame also provides the user with the account, employee, cost center, issuer, power of attorney, dealer data from 30.06.2016. Even though the information may have changed in the meantime. In addition, the user can view the timing of this data and incorporate the change in this data into his assessment. Work- and time-intensive searches in additional systems are no longer required. This workflow principle, which is taken into account at all important points, enables you to implement an efficient, time-saving and cost-effective risk management and audit process.

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