Confidential Watchlist, Directors Dealing, Mandatslist, Insiderlist

You can use the Confidential Watch module to keep the following statutory lists:

  • Confidential List
  • Director`s Dealings
  • Insiderlist
  • Restricted List
  • Watchlist

The Confidential Watch module allows you to manage all the listed lists bitemporal, risk-oriented and therefore audit-proof. The Confidential Monitoring module has extensive filter and processing functions that allow you to quickly access questions about individual facts, employees or issuers. A large number of defined reports allows you to output in paper form in addition to the screen display. The Confidential Watch module is equipped with help functions that allow you to capture entire areas as groups of people, parts of groups or individuals. This auxiliary function not only increases the efficiency of the work, but also serves as an acceptance for compliance officers. In addition, all employees who are registered for a message can be informed automatically via defined e-mail functionalities via the recording of a message and the associated due diligence obligations. You can also document notifications that have not been included in a list. All lists are equipped with an event-recall function, which reminds the initiator of a message in definable time intervals by e-mail to check the validity of his message. Obviously, this actuality recollection function is also documented. The specially designed selection of the screen color design allows the user to quickly, reliably and fatigue-free the status of messages or employees. The selected list structure allows for a particularly elegant proof of the legally prescribed compliance with "Chinese Walls".

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