CAF Risk management and control

 The results from the risk analysis and assessment form the basis for the risk management and control of the compliance application frame. They have the task of reducing the probability of occurrence and / or limiting the effects of risks, ie the active influencing of the identified risk positions. Risk management can be carried out by means of risk reduction, risk prevention, risk transfer to third parties or risk-bearing.

Risk management is designed to keep the company's risk in a manageable and acceptable environment. On the basis of the CAF risk strategy and taking into account the results of the CAF risk analysis and assessment, an individual loss ceiling is defined, a decision is made about the risks to be borne or assumed, and a catalog of measures is drawn up.

The aim of the risk management and control of the compliance application frame is to reduce the identified and analyzed risks to a manageable level that is consistent with the bank's ability to meet the risks.The following measures are available for risk management:

  • Risk prevention,
  • Risk reduction,
  • Risk transfer and
  • Risk bearing.


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