Strategy & business transformation

Your company must face the challenge of continually improving global competitiveness, customer orientation and the strength of innovation. This is the only way to meet the growing competition and the growing dynamism.


Information technologies are the driver for organizational or process-related changes. In addition to the IT processes and systems, the cultural integration of the processes is a key success factor here.


The technology and strategy consulting of DASY GmbH supports our customers


  • in the investment in information technology and its selection (Technology & Innovation), which is geared towards its strategic corporate objectives,
  • in the exploitation of existing optimization potentials through efficient process management (Business Process Management) and
  • in holistic conception, planning and implementation, but also in the management and controlling of organizational change (business change management).


We analyze your business processes and develop future strategies, processes and structures together with you. Through effective use of information technology, entrepreneurial problems are solved in a performance-oriented, forward-looking and cost-effective manner.



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