The Algo module helps you to monitor all trading activities of individuals or algorithms on behalf of your institution as well as the trading activities of clients. This module allows you to quickly identify behaviors that lead to suspicion of market abuse (in particular market manipulation), including market-wide behavior, if this is observable for you.The module supports you in risk-oriented monitoring and documentation.

The module is able to identify clues for false or misleading signals or artificial price levels, which may pose a particular problem in an automated trading environment, in particular:

-    Ping-OrdersThe input of small orders to determine the degree of hidden orders. Is used mainly to assess which positions remain on a "Dark Platform".

-    Quote StuffingInput of a large number of jobs and / or job cancellations or updates to create uncertainty for the other participants, slow down their process, and conceal their own strategy.

-    Momentum Ignition – Input of orders or an order series with the intention of initiating or exacerbating a trend and encouraging other participants to speed up or expand the trend to create an opportunity for the dissolution or opening of a position at a favorable price.

-    Layering und SpoofingThe transmission of several orders which are often not visible on one side of the order book with the intention of carrying out a transaction on the other side of the order book. After the transaction is completed, the manipulative jobs are removed.


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