CAF risk communication

What counts are not customer contacts, but customer relationships!The

CAF risk communication and documentation are fully integrated components of all the aforementioned elements of the CAF risk management process.

The CAF risk communication is divided into internal and external communication. The forwarding of the relevant information must take place promptly and recipient-oriented.It is important in this context to raise awareness among employees about the importance of risk management.

As part of a holistic risk management approach, the timely and recipient-oriented forwarding of all relevant information is ensured. The intervals at which changes in the individual risks are reported and who is the recipient of the report depends on the risk strategy and its significance for the bank.In the case of particularly high risks, it must be ensured that formal reporting structures are overcome and institutionalized communication channels and the chronological sequence of the reporting are shortened.It ensures that information is exchanged between the business units on risks in order to prevent cumulation of individual risks or a mutually reinforcing of risks to an intolerable risk.


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